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Tallinn, Estonia
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Must-Have Apps for an Expat in Estonia

These must-have apps for an expat in Estonia will help you avoid some common tourist traps, save money & time and learn some useful...

30 Signs You’ve Been in Estonia Too Long

You replace the word "okay" with "normal". You find it absolutely normal to declare your taxes electronically. "1002" doesn't sound funny to you...

My Favourite Estonian Foods (and Least Favourite Ones)

I have always been fascinated by the food culture in the countries I visited. Who doesn't love a good, authentic meal with a story?...




Top 10 Spectacular Views in Tallinn

It's been a while now, but the beginning of Autumn and the "Back to School" vibes inspired me to get back on track and...
how to cure a cold

How to cure a cold