10 things to do in Tallinn on a cold, autumn day


Autumn is definitely here and the rainy, gloomy days can be pretty tough to handle. But as the nordics like to say “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing.” So quit whining about how cold it is (I love doing that) and check out this list of 10 things to do in Tallinn on a cold, autumn day!

  1. Kadriorg

Kadriorg Park is the most stunning area in the centre of Tallinn and the autumn colours make it even more special. Besides the gorgeous views, you can also check out the Estonian Art Museum – KUMU – which was voted the European Museum of the Year in 2008, Kadriorg Art Museum, or Peter and the Great House – where the Russian Tsar and his wife, Catherine, stayed during their visits to Tallinn.

The most popular area of the park is the Presidential Palace, which was designed and built in 1937 by Alari Kotli. Lastly, The Japanese garden, which was opened in 2011 and designed by Masao Sone from Kyoto is definitely worth a visit.

2. Viru bog

This one is a little bit of a cheat, as it is actually located in Lahemaa National Park, which is about an hour drive from Tallinn towards Kuusalu. The Viru bog is an ideal place for nature lovers, it offers camping possibilities and guides for detailed information about the history of the area. If you’re lucky, you could also come across some berries and mushrooms during the hike.

3. Hunting the Northern Lights

Hunting the Northern lights is an unforgettable experience for photographers and adventureres in Estonia. Eestimaa virmalised (Northern Lights in Estonia) is a Facebook Group dedicated for discussing places where this phenomenon can be seen. The best time for catching the Northern lights is around midnight, during dark nights with clear skies.

Last year, I also went on a hunt and managed to experience the breathtaking view of the sky. It required a lot of patience (which I usually don’t have), but it was definitely worth it.

4. Board Games with Friends

A cosy evening spent indoors with your friends can be fun and relaxing, during the rainy season. Playing board games is an entertaining way of spending time together. I personally love Monopoly, Dixit and Rummy!

5. Museums

Even though it’s a cliché, I cannot skip “museums” from my list. Tallinn has many interesting, educational and fun museums, so it won’t be a boring experience, trust me. Besides the ones I mentioned in point 1, Lennusadam, Kiek in de Kök and the Estonian healthcare museum are great choices! If you get a Tallinn Card you can visit these and other museums for free.

6. Tallinn City Tour

Photo source: www.hop-on-hop-off-bus.com

Get dressed well and hop on one of these red buses! It’s a fun way of getting a tour guide in Tallinn. Don’t forget, with the Tallinn Card this experience is free.

7. Cinema

Photo source: www.apollo.ee

Don’t feel like spending time outdoors because it’s raining cats and dogs? Find shelter in the cinema! I usually go to Apollo Kino and if you’re up for something extra, try the Star chairs. Check out what I thought of Apollo Kino’s star chairs. Spoiler: I really enjoyed this experience 😀 Right now, I’d like to go and see the comedy Home again with Reese Witherspoon.

8. Bowling

I love playing bowling with my friends, even though I am not so good at it… shhht! don’t tell anyone. Al Mare Bowling Club is a great place to play, which also offers a nice selection of foods and drinks, as well as free parking.

9. Shopping

Rainy days are the perfect excuse for a shopping spree and who doesn’t need an extra sweater for these cold autumn days, anyways? You could check out my all-time-favourite Ülemiste Shopping Centre, but be ready to spend your entire day over there, as it’s huge! Rocca al Mare is pretty cool also, and Viru centre gives a lot of choices, as well.

10. Candlelight, Pillows, Throws and a Good Book

What is better than getting comfortable on your couch, under a soft and warm blanket, lighting up a couple of candles and reading a good book, with the sound of the falling as your background music? That’s my definition of a perfect Sunday night.

I hope this list gives you a little bit of inspiration for things to do in Tallinn during the cold, autumn days. Do you have any favourite activities for rainy days? Let me know in the comments!

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