30 Signs You’ve Been in Estonia Too Long

Signs you've lived in Estonia too long
  1. You replace the word “okay” with “normal”.
  2. You find it absolutely normal to declare your taxes electronically.
  3. “1002” doesn’t sound funny to you in Estonian, nor does “terviseks”, for that matter.
  4. You eat “kohuke” every day for dessert.
  5. Sauna is a regular weekend activity, probably followed by rolling in the snow, during winter.
  6. Sarcasm is your second name.
  7. You don’t have a problem pronouncing “jäääär”.
  8. It’s impossible for you to walk on the streets for more than 30 minutes without meeting someone you know.
  9. You think you live in Scandinavia.
  10. You roll your eyes when you hear the phrase “Estonians are slow”.
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  11. You can keep a poker face even in the most emotional situation.
  12. You have adopted a profound sense of pride when it comes to Estonia.
  13. You haven’t seen cash in months.
  14. Summer to you means “two weeks of bad skiing weather”.
  15. -30 degrees doesn’t mean it’s cold; that’s a proper winter.
  16. You love spending time in the nature.
  17. You bring Kalev chocolate when you visit friends and family.
  18. You obsessively search for the cheapest possible parking spot when you’re in the city centre.
  19. You get annoyed if you have to drive more than 10 minutes because you think it’s way too far.
  20. You take vitamin D all year round, religiously.
  21. You are convinced that Suur Munamägi (318 m) is an actual mountain.
  22. You stay up all night for Jaanipäev, barbeque, drink beer and light a bonfire.
  23. You cross your fingers every year, in the hope that Estonia will win the Eurovision Song Contest once again.
  24. You eat potatoes twice a day.
  25. You love complaining about how bad the weather is.
  26. You find it normal for people around you to speak at least 3 languages fluently.
  27. You brag about how beautiful Estonia is.
  28. You are annoyingly calm in any crisis situation.
  29. If somebody asks you how do you say “How are you?” in Estonian, you pause for a second, get a confused expression, think for 10 minutes, then come up with 50 different answers and conclude with “It’s complicated! Estonian is one of the most difficult languages in the world, you know? I mean, there are 14 cases!”
  30. You consider it a human right to have internet access in the forest.

Do you have anything else to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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