Finding housing in Tallinn

Finding housing in Tallinn
Finding housing in Tallinn

The two major portals for finding housing in Estonia are and

In addition, I recommend checking the two following Facebook groups: KORTERITE/MAJADE MÜÜK/ÜÜRIMINE and Korterite üürimine (MAAKLERITETA!)


To be honest, I expected the process of finding housing options in Tallinn to be fast and stress-free, compared to how it is in Aarhus – very difficult (high demand and low supply) and incredibly expensive. However, I must admit that in Tallinn, it wasn’t as easy as I imagined it to be. On the two major portals mentioned above, the good-looking apartments, which are also reasonably priced are rented out in a matter of minutes, so you have to be really quick in order to grab the best offers. In addition, most of the ads require paying a broker’s fee equivalent to one month of rent, one month of pre-paid rent and one month of deposit. It is cheaper compared to Aarhus, where it is normal to pay 3 months of pre-paid rent and 3 months of deposit, but I still consider it quite expensive. That’s why I recommend keeping an eye on the Facebook groups, as the ads are usually straight from the owner (no broker’s fee), so you could spare some money.

Have you found housing in Estonia through other tools? Let me know in the comments and I will improve this list.

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