How to cure a cold

how to cure a cold

There’s no secret that the Estonian winter is very cold, but lately the temperatures varied so much! One day, Tallinn was completely frozen and the next, the snow was melting and the sun was shining. I believe that’s the reason I’ve been feeling sick for the past couple of weeks. Now that I am back on track, I decided to share with you some of the things I did to cure a cold!

First, as one of my Tweeter followers suggested, chicken soup is a magic potion if you are feeling sick and he was right! It warms you up, provides vitamins and it’s easy to eat, especially if you have a sore throat.

Chicken soup

Secondly, tea with ginger and lemon is great to keep you hydrated. It also boosts your immune system and nutrient absorption, opens up inflamed airways, provides pain relief, clears sinuses and the list could go on.

tea with ginger lemon

Moreover, garlic is amazing in preventing and fighting a cold and it has been used for centuries as a food ingredient and as medicine. Eating garlic help you avoid a cold in the first place, but also it also helps in minimising the time you stay sick.


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In addition, you can loosen up your stuffy nose by breathing in some steam. Get a pot of boiling water, hold your head over it and breath slowly through your nose. Another option is to use a humidifier in your bedroom.


Another good point is to gargle with warm salt water. This brings you temporary relief and moistens your scratchy throat.

Lastly, remember to rest and give yourself time to heal. Stay warm under a cosy blanket, watch your favourite movie and relax. If you’re dealing with a severe cold or flu, please call your doctor!

how to cure a cold

What do you usually do to cure a cold?

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