International Networks to Join

International Networks to Join
International Networks to Join

As an expat, it is very important to create yourself a network, to participate in social events and to meet other internationals. Here’s a list of the most popular networks you can join, as an expat in Estonia.

InterNations is the world’s number one Expat Community online and it is established in 390 cities worldwide. As it is a community of trust, InterNations allows only approved members only. Within the community for expatriates in Estonia, you can meet different people who are in a similar situation with you, you can attend events, participate in forum discussions, or read a very informative guide.

InternationsThe International Women’s Club of Tallinn is another impressive community. The Club was established in 1993 by 4 expat women, it generally has 70 members from around 25 countries and its objectives are helping women who arrive in Estonia to settle in their new surroundings and to meet other women, sharing knowledge about the Estonian traditions and culture and engaging in fund-raising activities that benefit local charities.


Expat Exchange offers a great forum for expats in Estonia where you can ask questions, read different people’s opinions and generally get in touch with internationals.








Are you an expat in Estonia and know other great communities worth mentioning? Drop me a line and I will improve this list.

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