Must-Have Apps for an Expat in Estonia

Must-Have Apps for an Expat in Estonia

These must-have apps for an expat in Estonia will help you avoid some common tourist traps, save money & time and learn some useful tips. I wish I knew them when I moved to Estonia… they would have definitely made my life easier!

1. Taxify

Apps for an Expat in Estonia: Taxify - Tap a button, get a ride!

With this app you can compare prices for both taxis and private drivers. You can choose the ideal car based on your needs and order it via this ideal app for expats in Estonia – no phone call needed. The reviews of each driver makes it easy to ensure great services.

More about Taxify.

2. Spotted by Locals

Spotted by locals

Get insider tips! This app gives you tips for cafés, restaurants, bars and attractions based on the locals’ recommendations, even without an internet connection. You can download the Tallinn guide and see everything the locals recommend!

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3. Tallinn Airport App

Apps for an Expat in Estonia: Tallinn Airport App - check your flight schedule

In search for updates on your flight schedule? Download this app and get all the necessary details, including the possibility to check-in online, information about the weather at your destination, local transportation tips upon your arrival and cool shop offers.

More about the Tallinn Airport app.

4. Wolt

Apps for an Expat in Estonia: Wolt app - discover and get great food

Hungry, but not in the mood for cooking? With Wolt you get to discover the best restaurants in town! Send your order with a couple clicks, get comfortable on your couch and watch something on Netflix – your order is on its way!

More about Wolt.

5. Barking

Apps for an Expat in Estonia: Barking App - convenient parking

Parking is expensive in Tallinn, especially in the city centre. This app saves you money by showing you the best parking spots near you or your destination. It’s an absolute must-have app for an expat in Estonia and for locals alike.

More about Barking.

6. Menyyd

Apps for an Expat in Estonia: Menydd - restaurants near you and their menus

Have you ever felt like it takes forever to choose a nice restaurant, because you are concerned about their menu and prices? comes to the rescue! This app gives you insights into Estonia’s culinary scene, by giving you the possibility to explore nearby restaurants and check their menus, which are updated on a weekly basis and translated into English.

More about Menyyd.

7. Waze

App for an expat in Estonia: Waze - traffic

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Drivers in your area share real-time traffic and road info, saving you time and gas money on your daily commute. It helps you avoid traffic jams, areas where accidents happened and much more.

More about Waze.

8. Lingvist

App for an expat in Estonia: Lingvist - learn Estonian

If you’re planning to learn a little bit of Estonian, this app will definitely help you out. They say it’s the first language learning tool that decreases learning time with the help of technology and computational science.

More about Lingvist.

Hope these apps for an expat in Estonia will make your life a little bit easier! Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. For sure I would add Trafi to this list, it is an app that shows you the time table and make you routes regarding the public transportation and there is a fully info for Tallinn and the users give warnings when have control in any part of the city


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