5 hacks to survive winter in Estonia

winter in estonia

I must be honest. While leaving in Denmark, I thought that winters cannot be colder, darker or more depressing. All until I experienced winter in Estonia. Days are short, the wind feels like the cut of a million knives and the cold almost froze my soul. However, the landscape can be breathtaking. Tallinn covered in snow is a spectacular image that I truly cherish, so I had to figure out some hacks to survive the drawbacks of winter, so that I can properly enjoy this season.

  1. Wear layered clothing

I recently understood that thick, expensive winter coats are not enough to survive winter in Estonia, but the key is to wear layers! Great opportunity to use all the items in your closet… at once! It also helps to invest in good quality thermal underwear – especially made to trap body heat and provide warmth.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Having enough vitamins is essential during the cold season. I like to drink freshly squeezed orange juice, eat lots of vegetables, as well as Omega 3- rich foods, such as salmon. In addition, I stay hydrated with lots of water and warm tea, with lemon and ginger. To defeat the side effects of darkness, I also take a supplement of vitamin D.

winter in Estonia orange juice

  1. Keep up with your hobbies

Hobbies are important all year rounds, but during winter in Estonia, they definitely help to keep busy and productive. Whether it’s sports, playing an instrument or DIY projects, it is essential to have an activity that you look forward to and I can guarantee that the dark evenings will be a lot more fun!


  1. Get social during winter in Estonia

Defeat the “couch potato” syndrome! I know that after a long day at work, all you want to do is eat a good dinner and then lay on your couch with a good movie. It’s nice to do so sometimes, but it’s very easy to fall into this trap and miss out on everything else. Meet up with your friends, attend events or simply go for a walk in the old town! Being active plays a major role in feeling positive emotions.

  1. Learn from the Danes: embrace “hygge”!

The Danish concept “hygge” has no direct translation in English, but it basically means reaching the ultimate level of cosyness and comfort. Lit candles, warm atmosphere, tasty food, friends, family and good music are all ingredients for the perfect recipe for surviving winter in Estonia!


How do you handle the cold and darkness during winter in Estonia? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Uhh, so relatable! It is not even winter yet, but I am already feel that ‘couch potato syndrome’, haha! I am already looking for woolen clothes and preparing for the weather to get even darker and colder…


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