7 New Year’s Resolutions for Expats

New Year's resolutions for expats

Many of us feel pressured to create a list of New Year’s resolutions for expats, such as getting rid of a bad habit, exercising more or eating a better diet. You know, the #NewYearNewMe kind of thing. While these are a great start for cleansing the body and soul, you can be more creative with your list by considering fun stuff as well, like travelling, meeting new people or embarking on new adventures. Health, work-life balance or spending more time on your hobbies are also vital aspects to consider that could contribute to a happier you in 2018!

So, if you’re studying or working in Estonia, what do you plan to do in 2018 to improve your life standard? Hopefully, this list of 10 New Year’s resolutions for expats will give you some inspiration.

1. Language

Learn Estonian language

Knowing Estonian is not a fundamental part of living in Estonia, but it will certainly open some doors for you and it is most definitely the key to impress the locals. This one is worth adding to your list of New Year’s resolutions for expats. Now, Estonian is not the easiest language on earth, but don’t get disheartened if you find it difficult in the beginning. Practice it a little bit every day, and you’ll be able to have a basic conversation in no time!

2. Visit Three New Places in Estonia


Estonia is an incredibly beautiful country, with gorgeous landscapes! Make it a priority to see at least three new places this year. One of my personal favourites is a small town called Viljandi and I guarantee you’ll be impressed with its beauty.

3. Try a New Local Dish

Estonian traditional food

Estonia offers so much more than the classic pork steak with baked potatoes. Don’t be afraid to explore the local cuisine and maybe learn how to cook an Estonian dish yourself. I’ve got a list of my favourite and least favourite Estonian foods, if you find yourself in a pickle (pun intended).

4. Start a New Hobby/Activity


When you live abroad, it’s important to keep yourself busy, or else it could get lonely at times. What better time to start working on what really makes you happy than the fresh start of a new year? Take it one step further and join a group of like-minded people to keep yourself motivated to pursue your new hobby.

5. Find a New Job/Improve Your Performance


According to Google Trends, January is the month that sees most searches for career changes and job opportunities. If you don’t have a job yet, or you kept postponing changing your current one, now is the time to get started. Work in Estonia offers many opportunities for expats, so you should definitely check it out.

If you already have a job that you’re happy with, write down what you could do to improve your performance. Career satisfaction is an important factor in today’s world so make sure you do your best to advance your skills and impress your colleagues with your improvements.

6. Get Better at Keeping in Touch

Get better at keeping in touch

While jobs are important, spending time with your friends and family is essential. Even if you’re living in Estonia with your spouse, I’m sure mum and dad would appreciate a call from time to time. Make sure you speak often enough and are up-to-date with each others’ lives.

7. Be Happy and Enjoy Your Life as an Expat in Estonia!

New Year's resolutions for expats

Happiness has a different definition for everyone so whatever you think you need to change or start doing in order to feel happier, you should get to it right away. There’s no excuse to postpone improving your life!

As for me, one of the new year’s resolutions I have for 2018 is to write more consistently. It is not always easy to find the time, but I promised myself I’ll do a better job this year. Let me know what you’d like to read about in the upcoming year and I’ll make it happen!

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you’ve got on your list of New Year’s resolutions for expats!

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